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photo credit: Crystal Wells, International Medical Corps

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Learn more about the different drivers of infectious disease threats and ways that the global health community is working together to prevent the next epidemic.


Prevention is the first step in reducing the likelihood of outbreaks and other public health hazards and events. These publications highlight prevention efforts against epidemics worldwide and provide recommendations for the future.


These publications take a look at historical trends and highlight how rapid, effective response requires multi-sectoral, national, and international coordination and communication.

Health Systems Strengthening

These publications are a combination of roadmaps, guidelines, regulations, and evaluation criteria that focus on health systems strengthening in regards to the Global Health Security Agenda and ending epidemics.

Financing / Economic Impact

These publications highlight the financial and economic impacts that epidemics create at the national, regional, and global levels and provide recommendations on how to better mitigate the risks of future outbreaks.